Here are the ways you can give.

Giving, or tithing, starts with the heart.

God's heart is generous; he provides us with time, talent, finances, opportunities, and asks for only a small portion of these back.

As we know God more closely, we find ourselves sharing his heart of generosity. We give faithfully so that we continue to be a family that shows God's generosity to everyone we meet: from this community to the far reaches of this world.

How can I give? 
You can use any Master, Visa debit or credit cards.

What can I give to?

That's up to you. Each fund supports a different ministry opportunity. Tithing is the most common choice, but you should always give where you feel led to.

  • Tithes - Is for Building The Kingdom, Together (BTKT)
  • General – Supports all church ministries. 
  • Benevolence - Supports the practical help given to members and our community.
  • Building Fund - Is used solely for the current renovations within the church.
  • Scholarship Fund- Is used solely to assist students toward college tuition expenses.

You can set up a recurring donation by logging in above, then clicking on the Auto-Tithe heading. You can also cancel any recurring donations from this section.

You could receive a giving statement by requesting this from the Church.

That is one of the benefits of online giving. You are able to login at anytime and check your account history of giving.

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